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Saltire Investigations Private Investigators in Fife and Edinburgh will trace missing persons within the UK, Europe and Worldwide.

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If you are looking to find people who are missing or that you have lost touch with, family or friends, or even a debtor who owes you money, Saltire Investigations offers a comprehensive and very successful tracing service for the tracing of missing people within the UK, Europe and most countries worldwide. We have skilled Private Investigators who are able to successfully find people in circumstances and with minimal information that would normally not be possible; our private investigators will always try to assist in the more difficult cases where other agents are unable to help.

It may be that you want to trace a debtor, or maybe a long lost friend or family member. Our extensive resources mean that we have the best possible chance of finding that person and additionally we are not restricted by borders. We are successful in tracing and finding many people worldwide and even difficult cases where there is no fixed abode or people are trying to avoid being found are dealt with by our network of recourses.

Who Do We Find??

  • Debtors including people that actively attempt to avoid detection.
  • People who have left home and "disappeared"
  • Religious or cult abductions
  • Estranged partners
  • Trace people for wills and inheritance

Trace Debtors

It is not an uncommon occurrence for people that owe money to disappear with the intention of avoiding payment. These people often attempt to hide their whereabouts by using false names, not registering any services where they live, living under another persons name, or even changing their registered name. These are shortsighted decisions as it is almost always possible for our Private Detectives to successfully trace people; even the most difficult to find people who are trying the hardest to remain undetected.

If someone owes you money and you need to find them, let one of our private investigators explain how we may assist.

Searching for Family Members

Saltire Investigations are able to discreetly and carefully search for family members. Our private investigators will conduct a careful and sensitive search for that person you want to make contact with, be it someone adopted at birth or maybe you were adopted and you want to find one or both of your parents. It could be that you have lost touch with some family through various reasons. It may also be important to you to be able to choose carefully how you make contact with the person once they are found, so you will want an investigator to be discreet and sensitive in his approach so that you can contact the person when and how you prefer.

The Cost of Tracing Someone

The cost of finding people largely depends on the information that is available about the person, and also the complexity of the investigation and searches required. Finding a person where their full name, date of birth, and previous address within the last couple of years will cost considerably less than tracing a birth parent or even someone where a surname or christian name is unknown.


All searches are carried out discreetly by a private investigator and we will complete our investigation with a report on our findings to allow you to approach the person in a way best suited to you. There are occasions however when we are required to act overtly and locate the person declaring our existence and carry out further tasks such as document delivery, notification of inheritance, process serving or even just giving a message to the person we have located. Whatever you are looking for we are happy to assist.